Three-way texting platform helps last-mile delivery fleets better solve issues

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Technology news and briefs for the week of June 18, 2023: 

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WARP benefits from project44 TMS integrations

WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, has integrated with shipping visibility platform project44. With the integration, WARP now can receive the benefits of all of project44’s TMS integrations, making it easier for shippers to receive WARP service offerings through their existing TMS with full tracking capabilities.

WARP recently announced its suite of tracking tools, DirecTrack that provides shippers with an Amazon level of traceability at the truck, pallet and parcel level. The suite includes real-time temperature monitoring, cross-dock tracking, a driver app, electronic logging device integrations and final mile API connections.

DirecTrack combined with project44’s suite of tracking capabilities will provide WARP’s shippers with greater visibility. As an end-to-end platform for shippers, project44’s partnership with WARP is a value add to all shippers in their network at no additional cost. WARP continues to handle all the communication throughout the shipping process for its customers.

Onfleet partners with Riptide to offer 3-way text

Last-mile delivery management software company Onfleet and Riptide, a three-way text messaging platform, have partnered to bring customers, drivers and dispatchers together instantly and at-scale. The integration will streamline delivery operations by lowering inbound call volumes and reducing issue resolution times through the involvement of all relevant parties in a combined conversation.

Research shows that 90% of customers prefer text messages over phone calls, and 98% of adults in the U.S. have a mobile phone.

With this integration, Onfleet customers can now use Riptide’s SMS text platform to connect customers, drivers and dispatchers in a single text conversation to improve efficiency and instantly resolve issues. Riptide will replace support tickets with instant text conversations to improve scale, reduce cost, improve satisfaction and build trust.

This integration can eliminate miscommunication by bringing drivers, dispatchers and end-customers together in the same conversation thread, ensuring everyone is connected at once and enable businesses to converse with end customers at scale, creating more efficient deliveries with fewer reattempts. It also eliminates phone call queues and endless call trees, enabling businesses to resolve issues in minutes. It also helps improve performance and dispute resolution by archiving all conversations and cross-referencing them with metadata for easy access and reference.

HDVI expands coverage area

Technology-first commercial auto insurance provider High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI) will launch its insurance products for commercial trucking fleets in Oklahoma for policies effective beginning July 1. Alongside that announcement, the company shared that it will now process claims in-house to deliver a more streamlined, efficient and customer-focused experience to ensure damaged vehicles are repaired or replaced promptly to minimize downtime and reduce the financial burden by providing timely reimbursement for repairs, medical expenses or property damages.

HDVI uses telematics data to offer a more precise account of an accident, aiding in the determination of fault and the extent of the damages incurred, which can reduce the likelihood of fraudulent claims and ensure efficient, fair claim resolution. Fleets can use post-accident telematics and data to understand areas for improvement and take corrective actions to avoid future claims, reduce downtime and save money. Every HDVI customer gets partnered with a fleet services representative to help build and maintain a safety-first culture.

HDVI claims benefits include 24/7 claims reporting; experienced trucking adjusters; claims number provided to customers the same day when reported within business hours; faster and fair resolution of claims; direct access to a U.S.-based support team and constant contact with assigned claims professionals; emergency response team at the point of accident and available for post-incident fact gathering; and quick access to telematics data, video and knowledge of customers' operations from HDVI’s fleet services team.

HDVI's Safety Lookback analyzes fleets' telematics data from the past 90 days when a policy is first quoted. Fleet customers can earn immediate discounts that can be applied at the start of the policy period if the data shows strong safety performance, and they can achieve a discount of up to 20% in year one.

HDVI is currently available in 20 states.

Upgraded AI dashcam offers new features

Global Cloud Fleet has released a new AI-powered dashcam. The advanced VS900, which supports up to five cameras, expands upon the capabilities of Global Cloud Fleet’s current AI dashcam, the VS800, which helps fleet operators nationwide lower their insurance costs.

As a more comprehensive solution, the company’s VS900 empowers fleet administrators of all kinds – including freight trucks, construction equipment haulers, utility trucks and more – to maximize the safety of their drivers and vehicles.

The VS900 includes these premium features:

• Sophisticated AI provides both driver- and road-facing monitoring. The VS900 records road conditions and drivers themselves whenever the vehicle is in use, leveraging AI to intelligently determine which events to report. Fleet managers can easily retrieve stored video footage, which can then be used to investigate incidents, resolve disputes and improve driver behavior.

• Real-time driver alerts: The dashcam gives immediate feedback through an in-cab alarm if its AI detects drivers exhibiting high-risk behavior, such as falling asleep, not wearing their seatbelt, harsh braking or acceleration, tailgating, texting or smoking. It also alerts drivers to hazardous weather and road conditions.

• Instant fleet manager notifications give insight into driver behavior. The system automatically uploads video of each safety concern and notifies the fleet administrator so they can address actions that would have previously gone unnoticed.

• Five-channel support enables all-around visibility. In addition to cabin-and road-facing cameras, the VS900 supports high-resolution left- and right-side cameras plus a rear camera for 360-degree viewing to help drivers prevent collisions and provide footage from all angles in the event one does occur.

• Live video stream offers on-demand access to fleet managers. At any time, managers can patch into a live video and audio stream of the vehicle cameras. This is especially useful if they receive an automatic notification and want to see what’s happening right away. Driver report cards also give fleet administrators detailed insight into driver performance to allow for proactive coaching to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.