Known for its EV hardware, ZEVX launches fleet management software

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Technology news and briefs for the week of June 11, 2023: 

ZEVX launches EV fleet management software

ZEVXTM Inc. (ZEVX) has rolled out its new fleet management software for electric vehicles. Until now, the company, which has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that can migrate Class 2-5 commercial fleet assets and auxiliary power tools to zero carbon, has been known for its hardware.

With the launch of OpenZEVXTM, a SaaS fleet management system designed for battery electric powertrains and e-mobility solutions, ZEVX aims to improve total cost of ownership as well as operational control and fidelity of fleet assets to maximize efficiencies at the depot level. The software helps fleet managers optimize commercial EV powertrains and charge systems to improve EV performance, range and driver safety. It provides insights and dynamic control of vehicle systems to maximize battery performance and drive profile via an array of advanced tools and predictive features.

OpenZEVX will be available in four packages: ZEVXdevTM, ZEVXpressTM, ZEVXpowerTM and ZEVXcommandTM.

These are the key features of ZEVXdev and ZEVXpress together:

• API access: third-party developers can access the data and functionality of their EV fleet management software through an Application Programming Interface (API), enabling integration with other software and tools.

• Telematics/route tracking: real-time telematics data tracks the location, speed and performance of EVs, providing fleet managers with valuable insights for efficient route planning and monitoring.

• Driver performance optimization: professional services component offers fleet managers a range of performance optimization options, including eco-driving mode and regenerative braking.

• Vehicle health analysis and recommendations: monitors the health of the EV fleet, analyzing data to identify potential maintenance issues before they become critical.

• Monthly performance reporting: detailed monthly reports provide fleet managers with key performance metrics, including energy consumption, cost savings and emissions reduction.

• Vehicle charging expense reporting: fleet managers can effortlessly track and report the charging expenses of each vehicle, both within and outside of their facilities.

• Fleet manager mobile app: empowers fleet managers to remotely manage their fleet from anywhere.

• Predictive service reporting: daily drive profile data analysis, error reporting and dynamic course of action (COA) delivered to service team through portal.

• OTA updates: over-the-air (OTA) service updates and enhancements eliminate manual service calls to diagnose, resolve and flash onboard systems.

• Future product additions: designed to integrate seamlessly with future products and technologies, ensuring ongoing innovation and scalability.

Platform Science, Eptura add tire solutions

Platform Science has added a new vendor to its solutions catalog. The connected vehicle platform now offers Aperia Technologies Inc.’s Halo Drive, an automated pre-trip tire inspection app that delivers comprehensive tire health insights to drivers of Halo Connect-equipped trucks.

With billions of miles of real-world fleet tire data, Halo Connect by Aperia combines automatic tire inflation with predictive and prescriptive maintenance insights to reduce tire health issues and allow tires to be maintained in the most efficient and economical way possible. The Halo Drive tool enables pre-trip tire inspections to be completed in seconds and logs the date, time and tire health when completed. The app allows two-way communication so necessary tire service can be scheduled conveniently and economically instead of on the side of the road.

Another company has also added tire management. Eptura now offers tire tracking capabilities via its fleet maintenance software to help fleet managers better understand the usage and history of tires so they can maximize tire life and minimize future costs by controlling inventory and optimizing maintenance as well as ensure regulatory compliance.

These are the key features now available in Epture Asset:

• Mileage tracking records the distance travelled by each tire to plan repairs and replacement.

• Tire inventory creates a digital parts record so fleet managers can track the volume of parts and, using bar codes, easily assign new data to tire record when it is mounted to a wheel, repaired, or disposed.

• Cost tracking monitors expenses associated with tires, including the cost of new tires, repairs and disposals, to understand which tires perform best for your fleet.

• Axle schema configurator enables fleet managers to integrate detailed axle information by vehicle with tire data to associate the location of the tire with wear and tear.

• Preventive maintenance schedules create work orders like tire rotations or replacements based on tire pressure, time, or distance-based conditions to reduce the risk of accidents and costly repairs.

Fr8App customers gain access to Samsara insights

Customers of freight-matching platform Fr8App, a custom-developed app by Freight Technologies Inc. (Fr8Tech), can now leverage insights – including real-time GPS tracking, advanced diagnostic reporting and streamlined compliance management – from Samsara’s vehicle telematics solution.

The integration of Fr8Tech’s platform with Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud helps organizations optimize their logistics operations and ensure the timely delivery of their goods. It enables carriers who are already using Samsara's tracking technology to easily share their location data with Fr8App's digital platform. This integration means shipper customers who use Fr8App's services can now access real-time tracking information from carriers using Samsara, without having to download any additional apps or take any extra steps. By having access to this real-time location data, Fr8App's customers can make more informed decisions and respond quickly to any unexpected changes or delays in the shipping process.

Fr8App is powered by AI and machine-learning to offer a real-time portal for B2B cross-border and domestic shipping within the USMCA region. With an open API, Samsara’s platform enables customers to connect third-party applications and unlock a holistic view of their physical operations.