PowerFleet, MiX Telematics merger forms one of the largest global fleet management companies

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Today’s CCJ Tech Shorts will address a merger that will form one of the largest global fleet management companies, weather hazard alerts, technology for mixed-fuel fleet management and more.

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro

00:23 PowerFleet and MiX Telematics Merger

01:27 TN360 Update

02:58 Lytx Weather Hazard Alerts

04:38 Intellitire MyGeotab integration


00:00 Today’s CCJ Tech Shorts will address a merger that will form one of the largest global fleet management companies, weather hazard alerts, technology for mixed-fuel fleet management and more.

00:23 Mobile asset Internet of Things Software-as-a-Service providers PowerFleet Inc. and MiX Telematics Limited plan to merge in a deal that would form one of the largest global fleet management companies. The transaction is set to close in Q1 2024.

Combined, the two companies, which share $279 million in revenue and 1.7 million subscribers, will be branded as Powerfleet.

Powerfleet CEO Steve Towe, who will remain in his current role, said this merger will give the combined company the ability to sell additive and accelerated AI and data-powered software solutions.

Towe said, “This combination is expected to achieve a number of strategic objectives, including unlocking strong incremental value creation opportunities; a refinanced balance sheet for the combined company that will provide more flexibility to execute our strategic growth initiatives; and the ability to retain and attract an expanded portfolio of shareholders.”

01:27 Teletrac Navman, the connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, has unveiled the newest update to its AI-based integrated solution TN360 Transport.

The platform, which offers an array of features designed to streamline operations, enhance safety, ensure compliance standards, and drive sustainability for fleet operations, now caters to the increased demand from operators to manage mixed-fuel fleets.

Teletrac Navman’s President (Alain Samaha) said “Transportation fleet operators are facing increased complexities as they transform their fleets into a mixed-fuel and energy operation, while also tasked with enhancing safety, productivity, and compliance. Our mission is to simplify that complexity and enable customers to focus on their operation and maximize their bottom line. Through this TN360 release, fleet managers will have consolidated visibility and insights of their fleets with an integrated view of their operation, empowering them to grow their business.”

TN360 Transport is designed to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote sustainability in mixed-fuel fleets. The solution integrates traditional fleet requirements with emerging fuel types like Electric Vehicles (EV) resulting in both environmental and operational benefits. Features include energy consumption monitoring, real-time alerts, and state-of-charge tracking for EVs, ensuring sustainable planning and operations.

02:58 Video telematics provider Lytx Inc. has introduced Weather Hazard Alerts, available to all clients as a project within the Lytx Lab tab in their accounts. This new AI-powered geospatial technology, built on the Lytx Vision Platform, was developed within Lytx Lab, an idea incubator and a way for Lytx engineers and safety experts to collaborate with customers to address market needs.

Lytx’s new Weather Hazard Alerts overlays weather warnings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration onto fleet maps, allowing fleet managers to set alerts based on specific geography, timeframe, and weather criteria and be notified as weather conditions become more severe in that particular region to facilitate real-time decision making for safer and more efficient driving.

According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, of the roughly 5.8 million vehicle crashes each year, approximately 21% are related to adverse weather.

Weather Hazard Alerts can be filtered by geographic location, time frame, and type of severe weather, including tornado, hurricane, flash flood, and others. Once the conditions are met, an alert is automatically sent to the fleet manager with a description of the event, an image on the map, how many vehicles may be impacted, and when and where that weather event is forecasted to occur.

For a more proactive approach, fleet managers can also view current images from across the Lytx network of cloud-connected devices via the Lytx Vision Platform to see weather conditions in real-time on specified routes.

Lytx is currently testing in-cab weather alerts directly to the driver.

04:38 IntelliTire, Bridgestone’s tire pressure monitoring system, is now available as an add-in on the MyGeotab Marketplace, simplifying real-time tire monitoring for existing Bridgestone Fleet Care customers who use MyGeotab.

Bridgestone’s tire-health monitoring system uses internal or external sensors to consistently provide fleets with real-time data, including tire pressure and tire temperature and slow leak detection.

This integration allows users to:

• View every vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature

• See detailed tasks and next steps for each existing issue

• Utilize robust reporting that allows for a simple and effective fleet overview

• Schedule, download or print an Immediate Actions Report that shows vehicles with warnings or critical issues along with tasks for correction