Driver training software, motor vehicle record management and freight procurement

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This week on CCJ’s Tech Shorts we’ll talk about the release of a new driver training software, an integration that will provide motor vehicle record management and a new tool designed to streamline the request for proposal and freight procurement process. 

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In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, you’ll hear about the release of a new driver training software, an integration that will provide motor vehicle record management and a new tool designed to streamline the request for proposal and freight procurement process.

DOTsfty has released its automated driver training software aimed at helping safety managers of trucking fleets improve the safety and efficiency of truck drivers. The software integrates with existing driver and vehicle tracking platforms, pulling together vital data to provide a 360-degree driver behavior analysis.

Leveraging various data points, DOTsfty’s mobile driver training platform standardizes high-performance driver behavior and cuts expenses related to fuel, vehicle maintenance and insurance rates.

DOTsfty’s co-founder and chief operating officer (Yuichi Uchida) said, “One of our long-haul clients discovered that just 1% of their drivers were responsible for 10% of the firm's total fuel expenditure because of unnecessary idling and harsh acceleration. By utilizing our platform, they managed to save $170,000 annually.”

Beyond safety scores and the data from telematics solutions, DOTsfty delves into fuel efficiency, HOS compliance and inspection diligence to offer a well-rounded view of driver performance. Integrating these data sources enables safety managers to monitor and deliver real-time training. For example, drivers receive push notifications and messages via the Geotab Drive App, Fleetio app or any others that integrate with DOTsfty. This means real-time training updates for better engagement with drivers.

Dedicated Transportation Services CEO Robert Putt said, “Adopting DOTsfty's automated training solution dramatically transformed our driver engagement and efficiency. Previously, our training methods of emailing PDF attachments weekly to drivers saw a mere 5% engagement rate. With DOTsfty, we've witnessed a remarkable increase to an 80% engagement rate, eliminating the need to chase drivers for training compliance.”

The platform offers a visual training workflow builder that allows carriers to create their own training content and build event-driven training for delivery to the driver app based on specific events or triggers. Fleets can send short videos with quizzes for drivers via mobile app.



FleetDrive 360, which provides a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for managing driver qualifications and compliance, has partnered with Sentinel Information Systems to incorporate Motor Vehicle Record or (MVR) data in driver onboarding and management processes at a lower cost.

This integration will provide MVR management and other cloud-based solutions to enable data to be returned directly to the system, eliminating the need to download and re-upload information, and automated notifications about Medical Card and Annual MVRs to ensure compliance dates are not missed.

Additional functionality is planned for later this year, including Commercial Driver’s License Information System and Pre-Employment Screening Program integrations.

Sentinel’s CEO (Frank Logreira) said, “MVRs are a crucial part of the hiring process for new drivers and for ensuring that driving status is up to date and compliant with federal, state and local regulations. Our combined services can quickly react and address those requirements to lower risk and keep your fleet running safely.”

The FleetDrive 360 automated compliance solution can be accessed on any computer or mobile device at a per driver cost. The single, consolidated system for all compliance needs also enables API connections for integration with existing Transportation Management Systems and HR platforms.



Transfix Inc. has launched a new tool designed to streamline the often manual and time-consuming request for proposal or (RFP) and freight procurement process by allowing shippers to complete every step, from sourcing to settlement, all in one place.

RFP Manager, the newest feature on the Transfix Shipper App, features a centralized dashboard with automated bid management and acceptance workflows combined with analytics capabilities that empower shippers to partner with their selected carriers at a fair market price while reducing the time it typically takes to run an RFP or mini bid.

Through RFP Manager’s digitalized and automated processes, shippers can now launch an RFP in minutes and invite brokers and carriers to participate in the bidding. Carriers can then access the RFP through their own portal link sent via email and easily submit their bid.

Once the bidding window is closed, shippers can compare carrier bids, get visibility into lane-level pricing insights and make data-driven award decisions. From there, transportation professionals can immediately begin executing freight in one seamless process inside the Transfix Shipper App.

Transfix’s Senior Product Manager (Savar Sareen) said, "Market research and a robust beta program were key development milestones that delivered crucial insights and learnings. As a result, we recognized and prioritized the importance of building a product that not only streamlined the RFP process but allowed shippers to feel confident running RFPs more frequently to address the volatility in the market.”