Preventing catalytic converter theft, solutions for charging electric vehicles and more

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CCJ’s Tech Shorts is a weekly roundup of technology in trucking. This week we’ll take a look at a new device that can help prevent catalytic converter theft, an integration that enables customers to manage incoming freight quote requests, a new suite of software solutions for mixed-fuel and all-electric fleets and more. 

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:29 Catalytic converter theft 

01:47 Freight quote requests 

02:52 Charging electric vehicles 

04:29 Toll management and payment


00:00 In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, we’ll take a look at a new device that can help prevent catalytic converter theft, an integration that enables customers to manage incoming freight quote requests, a new suite of software solutions for mixed-fuel and all-electric fleets and more.

00:29 A new patent-pending device that helps fleet owners of all sizes, including heavy-duty, combat catalytic converter theft is now available for purchase and installation.

Catalytic converter theft has become increasingly prevalent with an increase from 16,600 claims in 2020 to 64,701 claims in 2022, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. A Carfax study estimated that as many as 153,000 vehicles had the part stolen in 2022.

Velociti Inc., which provides technology deployment, maintenance and integration solutions, has partnered with CATrak Technologies to bring its anti-theft product to market on a larger scale.

The CATrak device, hidden inside the engine, immediately alerts owners, managers, security personnel and law enforcement to catalytic converter theft attempts. During an attempted robbery, if the CATrak harness is cut or experiences vibration, the siren is immediately activated, and the owner is notified through the CATrak Mobile app. At the same time, a GPS signal is activated to track the exact position of the catalytic converter online. The CATrak module uses an internal battery that lasts three hours to keep GPS and phone cards active.

01:47 S2Q Systems has partnered with customer operations platform, Front. This integration allows Front customers in the transportation industry to utilize S2Q’s product Speed to Quote within the Front interface to augment customer communications and enable customers to manage incoming freight quote requests nationwide in a few seconds.

Founded by experts in freight tracking and resource management software, S2Q is a technology company that focuses on creating solutions for the transportation and logistics industries. S2Q created Speed to Quote to allow customers to analyze and respond to incoming quote requests via email in a faster timeframe without sacrificing the human element to the interaction. Its other platform Speed to Bid helps companies enhance their ability to bid on shipments nationwide in under a few seconds by aggregating third-party spot-freight bidding platforms into one solution.

Front users can access Speed to Quote by downloading the app from the Front app store. Training on the email integration platform will be offered to all new users.

02:52 ChargePoint, a provider of networked solutions for charging electric vehicles, has expanded its fleet management product line, offering a new suite of software solutions for both mixed-fuel and all-electric fleets to streamline their operations as well as lower their total cost of ownership in an effort to ease the transition to electric mobility.

The software consists of three core solutions: charging station management, EV telematics and mobility services such as over the road session reimbursement and roaming. These can be implemented as a complete package or as individual solutions.

These are the highlights:

• Reduces total cost of ownership through recharging automation to avoid utility demand charges, optimizing route readiness and battery telematics that can detect battery issues before they reveal themselves.

• Software that works with any charging station manufacturer and any electric vehicle. 

• Enhanced telematics so fleet operators can access deeper performance insights to optimize their operations.

• On-the-go access to more than 750,000 places to charge via the ChargePoint network and roaming partners, and the ability to manage payment through integrations with fuel card providers. 

The platform’s suite of features enables fleet managers to automate schedules to ensure charging occurs at the lowest electricity rates; gain insights by location with site-level visibility; track metrics for ESG goals; gain real-time alerts to maximize charging station uptime; and maximize EV fuel savings with advanced energy management tools.

04:29 Supply chain management and automation software provider Transflo is now offering the Bestpass toll management and payment platform, which provides coast-to-coast toll coverage, tolling discounts and on-demand reporting.

The Bestpass Complete Pass system consolidates over 50 tolling authorities across the United States into a single, easy-to-use platform. This consolidation also covers state-by-state accounts, payment processes, reporting systems and in-cab devices. In addition to a single transponder, Bestpass ensures fleet plates are on file with relevant tolling authorities to avoid future violations, and with on-demand toll reporting, Bestpass enables alerts to flag unauthorized use.

Transflo Chief Product Officer Justin King said, “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Bestpass to streamline toll management for our customers. With the Bestpass Complete Pass system, we’re offering seamless automated toll payments directly from the Transflo driver app. This enhances our commitment to reduce friction across the supply chain, making operations more efficient and cost-effective for over 65,000 fleets and more than 800,000 drivers.”