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drug testing

Navigating drug testing requirements as state laws increasingly conflict with federal regs

A new law in Maine forbids employers from refusing job applicants or firing employees for testing positive for marijuana use. But the issue is clear for trucking: The DOT still ...

DOT adds four prevalent opioids to driver drug screening panel

New drugs that drivers will be tested for include hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, and oxycodone. The drugs are usually taken as pills. According to the CDC, opioid abuse has seen a dramatic ...

Michigan State Police begin roadside drug testing pilot program

The test can determine the presence of Schedule 1-5 controlled substances, much like a breathalyzer detects alcohol. MSP says refusal to submit to the test is a civil infraction.

Senators pen letter pushing for ‘swift action’ from regulators on hair sample drug testing

Failing to meet the deadline, the letter says, has prevented the DOT from allowing hair testing to be a federally approved testing method.

Congressional reps ask FMCSA to move quickly in allowing carriers to drug test drivers via hair sample

Seven members of the U.S. House sent a letter late last month to FMCSA expressing their support for allowing a group of large carriers to begin drug testing drivers exclusively ...

FMCSA re-opens comment period on request for driver drug testing changes

Despite the current dust-up over hair sample testing, it’s been settled long-term. The FAST Act highway funding law passed in 2015 opens the door for carriers to screen drivers with ...

DOT to add common opioids to driver drug testing panel

To bring its drug testing protocol up to date with new Health and Human Services guidelines, the DOT has proposed adding hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone and hydromorphone to its drug testing ...

Unions asks FMCSA to extend comment period for hair testing request from large carriers

The Transportation Trades Department, part of AFL-CIO, wants a 60-day extension of the comment period on the carriers' petition for a waiver to drug test their drivers via hair sample.

Band of large carriers asks FMCSA to allow them to drug test via hair instead of urine

The carriers who filed the petition with FMCSA say the duplicate testing is expensive and unnecessary. 2015's FAST Act allows the agency to accept hair tests, but not until DHHS ...

FMCSA selecting random carriers to submit driver drug testing results for 2016

FMCSA says companies are already being notified and are required to complete the annual survey by March 15.

Carriers must continue to randomly drug test 25 percent of drivers in 2017

FMCSA requires trucking and bus companies to conduct random drug and alcohol tests at the nationally prescribed percentage.

Database of truckers who fail drug/alcohol tests coming in 2020; carriers required to report results

Employers and medical review officers will be required to report information about positive drug test results, alcohol test results greater than 0.04 blood alcohol content, refusals to test and other ...

DOT: Marijuana still banned for truckers despite ballot victories

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration spokesperson Duane DeBruyne said Wednesday any change in the drug testing laws for truckers would have to begin with the White House’s Office of National ...

Roadside drug testing pilot program coming to Michigan

The law, signed recently by Gov. Rick Snyder, allows the Michigan State Police to create a one-year pilot program in five counties to be named later in which troopers that ...

ProSight Specialty Insurance offers enhanced driver drug testing for policyholders

ProSight says its new drug testing program helps identify drug use among drivers that is not monitored in the typical DOT test.