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Trucking Moves America Forward previews 3D trailer wraps

Trucking Moves America Forward trailerTrucking Moves America Forward, the industry education and image group spearheaded by ATA, unveiled Friday at the Mid-America Trucking Show the first iterations of the previously announced 3D trailer wraps.

The wraps were originally announced in December during the group’s annual report. TMAF Executive Committee member Elisabeth Barna said the new 3D wraps will be priced the same as the previous wraps that were introduced in 2015 and added they will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

To date, TMAF has sold 149 of the original trailer wraps, each of which is estimated to be seen seen by 16 million people per city. TMAF’s next goal is to have 200 wraps sold and on the roads, Barna said.

Trucking Moves America Forward surpasses 3,000 members

Trucking Moves America Forward surpasses 3,000 members

TMAF raised $1.2 million in donations in 2016, as well as between $3 million and $5 million in what the group called "in-kind" services, such ...


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