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Updated May 16, 2023
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What do drivers want? Find out with this comprehensive research from the editors at CCJ.

Download to access insights on driver pay, why they switch fleets, family life/home time and more.

Did you know that according to our poll of more than 800 leased owner-operators and company drivers that: 

• two of the top three concerns among drivers are pay related: paying bills each month (no. 1) and saving for retirement (no. 3). Health was no. 2 among all respondents. 

• the average age of our survey respondents was 60 years old (59 years for leased owner operators and 60 for company drivers).

• the thing drivers dislike most about the job (35%) is something fleet employers can do little about: regulations make it harder to work and make a living.

• just 2% of company drivers cited a new/newer model truck as the main reason they would consider changing jobs and driving for another fleet.

• a special seat that improves comfort for long hours of driving was the top (62%) equipment feature drivers said was important to them.

• almost half (49%) of all respondents said they didn't care one way or the other about battery electric or hydrogen powertrains.

• almost 30% of driver respondents (28%) said they are not saving for retirement. 

Find all this and more in CCJ's updated What Drivers Want report.