Qualcomm launches In-Cab Scanning

Qualcomm Inc., a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, announced its In-Cab Scanning service, a new addition to the OmniVision Transportation suite of services. The service is designed to enable drivers to scan and transmit important documents such as trip and mileage reports, bills of lading, timesheets, receipts and other critical information.

These activities can be performed immediately and from the cab of the truck, improving driver productivity by eliminating the need to search for truck stops with scanners, according to the company; In-Cab Scanning also helps increase the pace of the business cycle for carriers because the time-consuming process of making extra stops to copy, scan, fax or mail documents is eliminated.

Qualcomm’s mobile computing platform for the transportation industry is designed for interoperability with third-party services to help customers reduce costs and improve their bottom line. The In-Cab Scanning service is supported by a scanner located inside the cab of the truck, which allows a driver to scan documents and move on to his or her next stop.

The In-Cab Scanning service also helps improve back-office productivity, according to Qualcomm; indexed documents can be populated automatically into key back-end processes, eliminating the need to re-key information and enabling faster dispatching of workloads and assignment of drivers.

“We always strive to bring additional value to our customers as the end-to-end wireless service provider for the transportation industry,” says Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales and service for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “OmniVision Transportation services include a broad range of critical applications that allow our customers to get critical business information faster, more efficiently and with less room for human errors.”