Grote debuts two new SlimWhite LEDs

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Grote Industries says the latest two versions of its SlimWhite LED lamp offer up to 500 lumens of light output, a 50,000-hours LED service rating and a low profile. The lamps are available in both 18- and 48-inch lengths and measure 1.25 inches wide and .75 inches thick. The dual length options are designed to offer the end user additional installation latitude; with 10 diodes, the 48-inch version is suited for lighting long expanses with bright, even LED light, while the 18-inch version can provide additional lighting capacity of 6 diodes in small, tight areas such as compartments.

In addition to its compact size, 485-lumen light output and robust design, the 18-inch lamp — which is available with an on/off switch — also is suited for any location that requires significant illumination but has restricted mounting space, according to the company. The thin profile of the SlimWhite Lamps makes them less likely to be struck by foreign objects, while allowing them to fit almost anywhere, Grote says, and the lamps’ low heat emissions help eliminate the threat of contact burns or radiant heat damage; the cool operating temperature of each lamp also helps reduce the heat load related to illuminating any interior work or storage space.

Both lamps feature tough, durable polycarbonate lenses and come in 12-volt (.6-amp) configurations; the 18-inch lamp also is available in a 24-volt (.3-amp) style. The lamps are designed to operate in temperatures between -40 and +122 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information, go to