Rair kicks off CSA 2010 initiative

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Updated Jan 28, 2010

Rair – a Milwaukee-based provider of log auditing services as well as services to manage driver qualification files, audit DVIRs and verify logs with GPS data – announced the launch of its solution to help carriers fully comply with Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010. JJ Singh, president and chief executive officer, says Rair offers a full suite of CSA 2010 services to analyze carriers’ violations data, determine the causes of the violations, identify problematic trends and provide daily assistance in reducing violations and improving safety behaviors.

Singh says Rair developed its solution with the assistance of its own clients who have undergone audits in CSA 2010 test states. “We understand that CSA 2010 magnifies the compliance problems that currently challenge carriers,” he says. “We truly believe that carriers who implement our program will find the cost is easily borne by savings in both labor and time.”

Not only does RAIR’s solution help ensure full compliance with CSA 2010, it also serves as an insurance policy against interventions, Singh says. “It is our job to make sure that carriers are immediately aware of any problem that can threaten their business, if we can help control it.”