Ventech debuts tire management system

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Ventech, based in Marl, Germany has developed and patented a new technology for pneumatic tire maintenance for large and small commercial, municipal and industrial fleets.

The company says its Pneuscan ATM product can measure the tire pressure and tread depth of every tire on every vehicle in a fleet in a matter of seconds as the vehicle is driven over the Pneuscan sensor. The driver does not have to leave the vehicle and there is no vehicle modification, the company says.

Ventech says that Pneuscan ATM is better than the technology commonly referred to as TPM or TPMS for Tire Pressure Monitoring System on several fronts. TPMS requires the placement of sensors inside each tire, or attached to exterior valve stems. Radio Frequency signals from each sensor are sent to a receiving unit, which can be mounted to the dash board of the vehicle. The responsibility to rectify a tire problem falls on the driver.

With Pneuscan, tire inflation level and tire service life (as determined by tread depth), can be measured, and recorded each time the vehicle passes over the system sensor which can be installed in any vehicle traffic lane. Data is conveyed to the driver via a large LCD display, but may also be printed out on paper for maintenance staff or transmitted via Ethernet to an existing vehicle maintenance data system.