TransCore’s CarrierWatch 2010 monitors CSA 2010 compliance scores

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At this week’s annual Transportation Intermediaries Association conference, TransCore is previewing CarrierWatch 2010, an enhanced version of its carrier monitoring service, which will feature carrier safety scores and other metrics from Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010. CarrierWatch 2010 is scheduled for general availability in June, well in advance of the gradual replacement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s previous safety metrics and programs, including SAFER and SafeStat.

TransCore says the new CSA 2010 metrics in its CarrierWatch 2010 will help freight brokers, third-party logistics providers and shippers to select motor carriers whose safety records comply with the most current federal standards.

CarrierWatch 2010 also features enhanced fraud protection to combat double-brokering of loads by companies operating under various aliases yet using the same physical address and phone numbers. CarrierWatch also includes a insurance e-certificate service, which lets users view online and print copies of carriers’ certificates of insurance, and automatically timestamps all page views or downloads as a proof of due diligence.