AmeriFleet’s WorkTruck Transport targets upfitters, fleets

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Updated May 4, 2010

AmeriFleet Transportation, an Atlanta-based provider of logistics solutions and transportation services to the fleet management and corporate fleet industry, announced the formation of WorkTruck Transport to fulfill the needs of upfitters and truck fleets with logistics services and turnkey deliveries.

AmeriFleet says it executes more than 50,000 vehicle logistics transactions annually, with many of these transactions for work truck customers. WorkTruck Transport, which was formed to build on this experience and further expand AmeriFleet’s logistics services in the truck market, will be led by Tim Fontana, vice president and general manager, who has years of experience in the upfit truck market.

“With the average work truck providing $1,500 in value per day for its user, responsiveness is critical for truck customers,” Fontana says. “Knowing their logistics provider is both responsive and safe is an added bonus for work truck upfitters and truck fleets. WorkTruck Transport will meet the unique needs of this market to ensure efficient vehicle deliveries with the safety and responsiveness for which AmeriFleet is known.”