Fidelitone Logistics chooses Cheetah Delivery

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Cheetah Software Services, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) transportation logistics solutions provider, announced that Fidelitone Logistics has implemented the Cheetah Delivery solution for optimized route planning and dispatch automation and enhanced customer service. Fidelitone, a provider of third-party logistics and supply chain performance with 25 locations throughout the United States, says it selected Cheetah to provide a solution to automate their largely manual processes due to Cheetah’s overall functionality, support of business resources and scalability.

Fidelitone says Cheetah also provided a cost-effective solution based on an affordable monthly subscription with a low upfront capital investment, and that implementation was seamless, with Cheetah’s support staff enabling a fast and efficient rollout at each Fidelitone location. “We researched several providers based on the need to execute our vision of improved productivity for our customers,” says Chuck Perry, director of customer solutions at Fidelitone Logistics. “We formed a relationship with Cheetah because they exceeded this vision, providing cost-effective user-friendly functionality with very responsive customer support.”

Fidelitone says one of the most significant impacts so far to its business processes has been a reduction in delivery windows from between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to two-hour windows following the implementation of Cheetah Delivery. Fidelitone uses smartphones with advanced wireless and GPS capabilities to achieve real-time visibility and significant reductions in both miles driven and delivery stop times.

Fidelitone also utilizes the Cheetah Delivery solution in marketing to new customers, saying that improvements in delivery windows as well as overall improvements in office staff efficiency, driver relations and field communications significantly enhances its customer service. Fidelitone customers benefit from the implementation of Cheetah Delivery by enjoying better access to more information on delivery-and-pickup status, improving their ability to plan and manage their own supply chains.

“Cheetah allows everyone involved, from dispatchers to customer service reps, to see not only where an order has been, but when it will reach its destination,” says Stephan Karczag, Cheetah’s vice president of sales and marketing. “In today’s troubled economic times, Cheetah’s customers are finding this enhanced visibility and improved efficiency and productivity to be vital in not just surviving, but thriving. In addition, knowing where a driver is allows a dispatcher to quickly determine the most efficient routes and update them in real time, making significant reductions in the miles driven and thus in the amount of fuel that’s used. That helps companies like Fidelitone reduce their costs and provide dramatically improved customer service.”