U.S. DoD deploys new mileage standards using PC Miler Web Services

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Updated Oct 15, 2010

ALK Technologies and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released Version 24.1 of the Defense Table of Official Distances (DTOD), the official standard of vehicular land distances for all DoD household goods, DoD freight, and travel reimbursement for military personnel.

The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), which serves as the liaison between the U.S. DoD and commercial carriers, is one of the world’s largest shippers with more than $2.2 billion spent on transportation services in 2009. The DTOD also is used by the General Services Administration (GSA), which provides transportation purchasing services to most non-Defense U.S. government agencies.

All motor carriers and logistics companies that handle freight or personal property shipments for the SDDC and GSA must use DTOD 24.1 to generate distances for payment and audit purposes.

The release of Version 24.1 marks the eleventh year that ALK Technologies has been the official provider of critical mileage data and
services for the U.S. DoD. The DTOD is based on PC Miler and PC Miler Worldwide routing, mileage, and mapping software.

“This year, the DoD is using an enterprise version of PC Miler Web Services to deploy DTOD Version 24.1 more quickly and efficiently
to the approximately 12 applications and tens of thousands of personnel who rely upon DTOD distances,” said Mark Hornung,
senior vice president of operations, ALK Technologies.

Using PC Miler Web Services, DoD applications and personnel can seamlessly access all future DTOD updates and releases from
central mileage servers. The most current DTOD data will thus be immediately available to all DoD applications and personnel without
the delays and the expense associated with shipping and updating software at each application and personnel site.

“The DoD sees the benefit of using Web Services to keep all of its users up-to-date with the latest map data. Our general and prospective customer base could benefit from this type of thinking,” Hornung said.

PC Miler 24.1 and PC Miler Worldwide 24.1 are the commercial versions of the DTOD for carriers and logistics services providers
to generate DTOD distances. The software can be accessed over the Internet or embedded directly into customers’ web-based applications and web sites through PC Miler Web Services.

ALK has offered PC Miler Web Services since 2007 as a hosted interfacing application with North American data and three feature levels to choose from (Lite, Standard and Premium).

In conjunction with the release of DTOD 24.1, ALK announced it has enhanced PC Miler Web Services with options for worldwide map data coverage and related features (Standard Worldwide and Premium Worldwide). ALK last week announced the release of PC Miler Worldwide 24.1, the on-premises software version, with map data enhancements that include over 659,000 new miles of roads in Europe and over 13,000 new miles in South America. An increase in postal code coverage can be seen throughout most regions with over 392,000 new postal codes in Asia and more than 37,500 new postal codes in South America.