Saia touts software designed to improve fuel efficiency, service

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Updated Dec 29, 2010

Saia, a less-than-truckload carrier, announced a new pickup-and-delivery software program developed by the company designed to provide greater fuel efficiency while enhancing customer service. The program is being used in Saia’s “city” operations that encompass more than 2,300 drivers handling an average of 52,000 freight shipments each day.

“The program optimizes our drivers’ routes to minimize miles while still meeting our appointments and delivery windows, which in turn saves fuel, reduces expenses, lowers emissions and improves efficiency,” says Brian Balius, vice president of linehaul and industrial engineering of Johns Creek, Ga.-based Saia. “Miles per stop have been reduced by 4 percent in the six months since all of our terminals have been actively using the software.”

Along with reducing miles, expenses and emissions, the program is designed to enhance the customer service experience for Saia’s shippers. Since the program directs a driver’s optimal stop order and subsequently their travel time, an “estimated time of arrival,” or ETA, is provided to customers so they have improved visibility of when their freight will be delivered.

“This new software offers enormous benefits to both Saia and our shippers,” Balius says. “Not only does it strengthen our commitment to managing our operations in a manner that protects the environment, it also provides our customers with real-time information and superior freight service.”