Pegasus TransTech introduces online document management system

Updated Mar 18, 2011

At the Truckload Carriers Association’s 2011 Annual Convention, Pegasus TransTech announced its Transflo Web application, an online document management system that allows carriers to easily create invoices and send them electronically to speed cash flow.

Although the product was developed for fleets of all sizes, Transflo Web allows small fleets the ability to speed payment cycles and provides an end-to-end document processing solution that eliminates the need for most paper documents.  In addition to creating invoices, users can view and store delivery documents, print, save and email them with supporting documents to any shipper or third party.

“If fleets are relying on overnight [document] delivery, they’re losing time,” says Bob Helms, Pegasus TransTech chairman and CEO. “With Transflo Web, it’s instant and allows small fleets to look just like large fleets in terms of speeding delivery to cash. And large carriers may create a basic imaging and workflow system for special projects with no IT support required.”

To use the system, documents are scanned into Transflo Web using either Transflo Express or Transflo Now! document scanning systems. From there, image can be worked online, emailed, printed and saved. Fleets with separate billing, payroll and safety departments can view and route documents to any department using Pegasus TransTech’s easy workflow tool.

The Transflo Web service costs $4.99 per week with no limits on the number of users or number of invoices created and sent. Documents are stored online for 14 days and be saved to a user’s own computer for permanent storage.