Mountz offers cordless screwdrivers


Mountz Inc.’s line of FlexPower cordless screwdrivers, designed for torque control and durability, are built around the 10.8V and 14.4V high-capacity lithium-ion battery platforms. The screwdrivers are suited for applications where air or electric power is not easily accessible and are designed to stop automatically when the preset torque has been reached. The screwdrivers feature an ergonomic hand grip designed to improve control and reduce fatigue in long run applications.

The screwdrivers have an LED light for working in dark conditions, while LED indicators provide an audible and visual alarm signal for the operator as he achieves the preset torque value. The LEDs will provide a signal to the operator if the preset torque was not achieved, as well as provide an early warning of a low battery. The tool is designed to shut off automatically when the battery has less than 25 percent of the charge.

The screwdrivers are offered in a pistol-style configuration as well as a right-angle style with various models covering a torque range of 8.8 to 265.5 in.-lbs. They are designed for applications that have limited space restrictions and require a bolt or fastener to be tightened accurately. The environmentally friendly right-angle models feature a brushless motor design that provides added durability and helps reduce maintenance costs.