Axxom to demonstrate supply chain optimization portfolio at ProMat


Axxom Software AG will present its warehouse and supply chain optimization portfolio at ProMat March 21-24 in Chicago. Axxom’s optimization experts will show how companies can reduce warehouse and supply chain costs and improve their service level at the same time by employing work force planning, warehouse optimization and network planning solutions. Axxom also will introduce a partner program for interested companies.

One of Axxom’s focal points at ProMat will be the Orion-PIR Staff Planning & Scheduling software for efficient work force planning for logistics centers. Orion-PIR, which combines material flow and work force planning, uses a virtual warehouse model to help determine workload and to intelligently plan staff deployment. Special features of the Axxom warehouse model – the elements, such as individual shelves and aisles, and processes – are stored using time components such as MTM times. Based on these time components for individual processes and the orders from the WMS, staff requirements are calculated and synchronized with the available staff; this way, staff deployment plans can be drawn up efficiently, and the warehouse manager can respond effectively to last-minute changes.

In the area of warehouse optimization, Axxom offers a solution portfolio for the planning and improvement of operative processes in the logistics center, from picking process optimization and replenishment management to packaging optimization. In addition, with a separate module for warehouse and space management, users also are able to analyze different warehouse occupancies and picking strategies and determine the best warehouse locations for articles and article codes and goods on special offer, as well as identify warehouse areas, picking zones and shelves that are overcrowded.

Another trade fair focus of Axxom is the optimization of supply chain design and processes using Axxom’s Orion-PIR Value Net-work Optimization software designed to calculate the most cost-effective number of logistics centers, optimal locations and optimal sourcing strategies. The solution also works out the best supply routes and chooses the right types of trucks for best delivery frequencies from the point of view of service and cost. Axxom says that by using Orion-PIR Value Network Optimization, supply chain costs can be reduced by up to 39 percent while reducing carbon footprint.