TMW Systems certifies PC Miler 25

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ALK Technologies Inc. announced the successful integration and certification of PC Miler 25 and PC Miler|Tolls 25 by strategic alliance partner TMW Systems. TMW Systems, a provider of enterprise transportation software, has certified the new PC Miler 25 release for its Optimization Software products IDSC ExpertFuel, IDSC TripAlert and IDSC MatchAdvice, Appian Logistics, TruckMate and TMWSuite. Certification to other TMW Systems Enterprise Transportation Software is under way.

With new time-based features and enhancements, PC Miler’s 25th annual edition is designed to make it simple to define a departure or arrival date and time to calculate more realistic transit times. PC Miler 25 also has critical map data updates such as truck restrictions and truck-specific toll.

“Transportation service providers are concerned not only with cost containment but improving process efficiencies and data accuracy,” says David Wangler, president and chief executive officer of TMW Systems. “We continue to invest with our partners to take full advantage of the latest software developments to provide our customers with the best tools to achieve their goals.”

PC Miler 25 also can be delivered as a hosted solutions offering through TMW Managed Services when integrated with the IDSC Optimization, TL2000, TMWSuite, TruckMate and Innovative IES platforms. TMW Managed Services is designed to reduce IT risk and infrastructure investments, ensure system scalability and streamline technology deployments.

ALK says PC Miler 25 truck-specific digital map data features and enhancements include 220,000 new and updated truck restrictions and allowances in addition to more than 3.78 million road-specific attributes that affect truck travel. Additional features include:
• An expanded capability to calculate toll costs based on time of day travel for 31 discount toll programs in the United States and Canada;
• Map tools to create geofences. When a route crosses a geofence, PC Miler 25 displays a warning in the route itinerary or avoids the geofenced area altogether, based on user preferences; and
• Real-time and historical traffic speeds to calculate optimal routes, more precise transit times and ETAs.

“The integration of PC Miler 25 with TMW Systems’ products adds even more precision to one of the most widely used platforms for planning and optimizing fleet operations,” says Barry J. Glick, CEO of ALK Technologies. “ALK is pleased to be able to provide valuable real-time and predictive traffic speed data and features to TMW customers.”

Traffic speed data is included free in PC Miler 25 until the release of PC Miler 26 in 2012.