Paragon routing software balances warehouse loading

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Updated Sep 30, 2011

Paragon Software Systems announced that it has added a “Dispatch Smoothing” feature to its transportation routing software to prevent bottlenecks in warehouse dispatch, enabling companies to balance logistics and warehousing operations by optimizing workflows that improve efficiency and reduce cost by ensuring that all available resources are used effectively.

Paragon says the routing and scheduling optimization software makes it possible to plan the optimal number of loads for dispatch so that the warehouse can handle the demand. The software does this by controlling the outbound profile of loads dispatching from the warehouse and automating the scheduling of trucks, so that departures within a given period are achievable using the available warehouse resources – people, loading bays and equipment. Paragon says the Dispatch Smoothing functionality optimizes the route schedules so that available resources are not overburdened while maintaining customer service excellence.

“Dispatch Smoothing highlights the versatility of Paragon for all sizes of distribution operation, making it easier for transporters to align their fleet and driver resources with the warehouse so that the dispatch operation is slick and cost-effective,” says
Phil Ingham, Paragon support director. “It helps companies to improve productivity and efficiency of their fleet while also maximizing the efficiency of their warehouse operation and resource use. We believe that many of our North American customers will benefit from this added functionality, which will help them meet customer service expectations in a new, more effective way.”