iNmotion app targets distracted driving

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Updated Dec 2, 2011

Targeting distracted driving, PHH Arval has partnered with ZoomSafer to create a smartphone application designed to detect when employees are driving and encourage safe smartphone use automatically. ZoomSafer, a provider of policy software designed to prevent distracted driving, created the iNmotion software application.

The software is available for drivers in the United States and Canada. “We partnered with ZoomSafer to deliver iNmotion in direct response to customers seeking solutions to improve the safety of our roads,” says George Kilroy, president and chief executive officer of PHH Arval, a provider of fleet management services.

Once installed on a driver’s BlackBerry or Android smartphone, the application is designed to detect when employees are driving and enforce company cell phone policy automatically by:
• Restricting the use of cell phones except emergency calls;
• Restricting drivers to “hands-free mode” when making and receiving calls; and
• Sending automated responses that the driver is unavailable via text message or e-mail.
“We’re pleased to provide the technology in support of iNmotion, and we look forward to helping PHH customers promote safe and legal use of cell phones while driving,” says Matt Howard, ZoomSafer CEO.