Espar debuts Maximum Control pre-heater family

Espar introduced a new family of truck coolant pre-heater control systems at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The Maximum Control family is designed to give drivers simplified control of heater functions, more guidance for technicians and more real-time information and control for fleet managers.

Espar says the Maximum Control line offers fleets a suite of smart heater control choices while taking heater controls out of drivers’ hands and allowing fleet managers full control of pre-heating options. In less than five minutes, users can program the D1000 heater control module to handle as many as four distinct events per day with different start and stop times.

The D1000 allows users to set high-temperature disable points as well as a maximum manual run time, a low-voltage disable set point, perferred PM intervals and an exercise scheduler. These programming points can be set for one or multiple vehicles.

“By taking the driver out of the programming process, running your coolant heaters means no more unnecessary idling, no more needless engine wear-and-tear, no more wasted time and no more wasted fuel,” said John Dennehy, vice president of marketing and communication for Espar. “With the Multi-Max F1000, as soon as your workers arrive onsite, they are guaranteed to climb into a warm de-iced truck and work-ready vehicle.”

Dennehy says that drivers will appreciate the systems’ on/off button control and a diagnostic indicator that alerts them to service issues. If service is required, a unit-generated fault code tells technicians the source of the problem, allowing them to diagnose and repair the issue quickly.