Idle Free Reefer Link APU available

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The reefer-based version of Idle Free’s electric auxiliary power unit uses the company’s Reefer Link technology to make energy from the reefer unit available for unlimited run time of the air conditioner and heater, while also providing electricity for hotel needs.

The trailer refrigeration units are powered by 50 hp diesel engines with their own 12V electrical systems that are separate from the truck’s electrical system; the Idle Free electric APU with Reefer Link can be connected to the reefer unit’s electrical system with polarized connectors that look like jumper cables and are protected with a fuse.

The Idle Free electric runs on alternating current and won’t drain the truck’s batteries; Reefer Link also is engineered to provide backup alternator power for both the reefer unit and the truck in the event the alternator fails on one or the other.