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Filling law enforcement’s coffers

“The Rule of Unintended Consequences still applies. Slowing down motor vehicles has always been the Holy Grail for those jurisdictions that rely on traffic tickets for increased revenue – the lower the speed limit, the more tickets the cops can write. Slow trucks mean that cars will speed up to pass them, many times exceeding the speed limit, and voila – the cops ticket them.”

– David McQueen


Rolling roadblocks

“So what – do we slow them down to 25 mph? That will make it where the people in cars will crash into the back of them, killing them just as dead. You slow all the trucks to the same speed, then when one is passing one, they can never get around and cause more problems for the rest of the drivers on the road.” – Steve in Michigan


“FMCSA research supports truck speed limiters”



Striking would end it all

“Why does the government think they need to mess with us? Let’s face it – if we went on strike now, most of this crap would go away. The government and its socialist leaders would see that it is going to be futile to do this to us. However, striking is not going to happen, because the new drivers of today are from the era of ‘we don’t need to take responsibility for our actions.’ ” – Gordon A



Another burden to bear

“Speed limiters make truckers the slow-moving vehicle and more likely to be rear-ended by automobile drivers who routinely drive 10-15 miles over the speed limit, so now we put a bunch of trucks at 65 and we have a rolling roadblock on the highway. ATA, where do you come up with these idiotic ideas? If you keep on passing ridiculous and overburdening legislation, someday we’re going to say enough – and that day is soon coming.” – Peaveypro




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11% Percent of respondents who say FMCSA can adequately monitor Mexican carriers participating in the cross-border trucking program.

Based on 218 respondents’ answers

to an online survey.




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Michelin Untitled 1Michelin Truck Tires Dealer Locator

What it does: Locates the nearest Michelin truck tire or service provider based on GPS location and stores provider information in the mobile device’s contacts or address book.

What they say: Use the app to search for a provider by category, including emergency roadside service, travel plazas, onsite tire service or MRT providers, or use it to call Michelin OnCall directly. “With today’s on-the-go real-time business environment, we are delivering information directly to our customers wherever they go,” says Jaye Young, Michelin America Truck Tires.

Access: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android.


Trucker Untitled 1Trucker1


What it does: This app, available from 1st Guard, allows drivers to file claims from the road in minutes and verifies the location of an incident, providing details to the claims adjustor.

What they say: The app also contains an agent contact feature to connect to 1st Guard agents automatically, and a trucker referral function provides the opportunity to refer other truckers. The app allows drivers to stay connected to family and friends by integrating with e-mail, GPS maps, location services, Facebook and Twitter.

Access: iPhone.