Cadec Global launches PowerVue Enterprise edition

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Cadec Global, a provider of fleet management solutions, announced a new version of its PowerVue fleet management solution. Cadec says PowerVue Enterprise, a more flexible Software-as-a-Service-based fleet management solution, further extends companies’ visibility into fleetwide assets and improves their ability to manage related business processes.

Specific enhancements available in PowerVue Enterprise, according to Cadec, include:
• The ability to easily configure workflows – touchscreen forms on the onboard computer for data capture and presentation – tailored to meet specific operational requirements. Workflows with data validation can be rapidly developed, tested and deployed wirelessly for each industry, customer, business unit or fleet subgroup to improve business processes; and
• Additions to Cadec’s growing library of Web services middleware to make the PowerVue infrastructure even more flexible and extensible. Integration of granular real-time data provides forecasting of delivery times, improves asset utilization and accelerates cash flow.

We worked very closely with our customers to deliver a version of PowerVue that would reflect their needs and further extend their competitive advantages,” says Jon Bernstein, Cadec chief executive officer. “We are extremely proud of the result, which we believe sets a new standard for an enterprise-class fleet management solution.”

Cadec says other core feature enhancements to PowerVue include:
• Enhanced scorecard capabilities that allow organizations to graphically track and report on driver and vehicle performance. Known to current Cadec customers as the “GYR report” – for the green, yellow and red icons summarizing the performance of each driver – this performance monitoring tool allows companies to proactively identify driver behaviors that are potentially unsafe, fuel inefficient or that provide substandard customer satisfaction; and
• Enhanced mapping and trip replay, leveraging Cadec’s patented Electronic Tach-o-Graph tool, which offers a distinctive combination view of speed, RPM and vehicle trail on a single screen. ETOG allows fleet managers to take a virtual ride-along and drill down to view granular trip detail, including the ability to recreate accidents.

“In addition to these core PowerVue feature enhancements, we have an aggressive release schedule for 2012 and beyond, and are working hard to ensure that Cadec continues to lead the pack when it comes to advanced fleet management solutions,” says Bernstein.

All PowerVue customers will receive the new core features as part of their current subscription plan. All PowerVue systems are compatible with the Enterprise edition feature set, and all customers will have the opportunity to develop specific workflows and access the enhanced middleware. Cadec customers currently utilizing the Mobius platform can have their custom workflows migrated to the more open and sustainable PowerVue platform.