Rand McNally boosts IntelliRoute TND with Wi-Fi

Tnd 720 Bs 01Rand McNally on Thursday, June 7, introduced a 7-inch truck GPS device with two new features: Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for real-time weather information and display; and new hardware with ruggedized casing, video input and a brighter screen. The new IntelliRoute TND 720 joins Rand McNally’s line of GPS devices for professional drivers.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, the device can transmit and display weather as well as other real-time information. The Wi-Fi feature was designed so that drivers can connect by using their enabled smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots – allowing for real-time updates while on the road and allowing drivers to anticipate delays and other challenges presented by current and forecasted weather with conditions displayed on the map and along the route.

Rand McNally said real-time weather was among the top requests it received from tens of thousands of “TellRand” submissions from professional drivers. “We understand the unique challenges unforeseen weather presents for professional drivers,” said Dave Muscatel, chief executive officer of Rand McNally.” Our new weather solution will enable drivers to proactively manage this issue.”

The IntelliRoute TND 720 also includes the following new features:
• Enhanced truck routing options, including avoiding state or province and avoiding dirt roads;
• Exits Quick View – With a new button on the map screen, drivers can find truck-friendly locations off the upcoming exits along a route;
• Fuel logging for tracking purchases and fuel use;
• “Breadcrumb” trails, an option to record and display paths traveled; and
• Increased map customization options to allow drivers to personalize the way their map appears, specify icons and import third-party POIs into their device.

Beyond software, the TND has a new ridged casing designed to make the unit easier to grip; a brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light; and video input for third-party back-up cameras.

All of the features and functionality from earlier models are included, such as advanced truck-specific routing, on-duty driving timers, state mileage recorders, Virtual Dashboard, junction view with lane assist and the ability to download construction and software updates.