Trucking music

Updated Aug 1, 2012

This week, I’m taking my son to see two of his favorite rock bands of the moment – a heavy-metal group called Five Finger Death Punch, and the legendary KISS. Now I’m really not sure about my next claim, and I have no research to back up my belief, but I bet there’s a lot of truck drivers out there that like 5FDP and KISS as well.

And while I’m on the subject, let’s talk about today’s trucking music. For some reason, everyone seems to assume that truck drivers keep their satellite radio tuners glued to a traditional country station. Sure, that’s some fantastic music, but I’d be willing to put cash on the table that drivers also dig talk radio, sports chatter, hard rock, classic rock … even classical. Yep, I can guarantee you there’s more than one driver on the road that’s listening to one of the three Bs as you read this.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about Adele. Heck, she’s been part of the music conversation for the past year and a half, so why not now? Her album hasn’t left the Top 10 since it was released in February 2011. It’s sold nearly 10 million copies. Odds have it that a couple or few truck drivers snapped up a copy of “21” at a truckstop when they were feeling vulnerable. How many drivers will man up and admit they’ve teared up behind the wheel while hearing “Someone Like You?”

Adele, if you’re reading this, the truck drivers of North America salute you for your honest, emotionally raw performance. When you record your “23” CD, dedicate one to the truckers, OK?