Pit stop

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I’m sitting in the waiting room of the car dealership where I bought my car a few years back. It’s a few miles to drive here from my home, but since the car is still under warranty and they promise to repair any issues that are covered for free, I’m willing to make the effort.

But it’s still a pain just hanging around waiting for them to give my ride the once-over. Sure, waiting around isn’t as boring as it used to be, thanks to iPhones, iPads and such. Plus, this waiting room has a pretty nifty 60-inch widescreen TV, so it’s not as bad as the eternal wait at my doctor’s office. Ever wonder why doctors subscribe to the most boring magazines in the world?

Which brings to mind the occasional news items I receive from truck dealerships that brag about their new facilities that feature top-notch lounges for truck drivers. Today’s truck dealer waiting areas feature everything from quiet rooms for naps to office areas to get caught up on paperwork, and let’s not forget showers and washing machines that help make life in cramped truck cabs a little more tolerable, shall we say.

These days, customer service is everything to provide that extra little edge against the competition. A little more effort in waiting lounges goes a long way to winning customers over and keeping them coming back for more – and a wash load or two. Heck, maybe the car dealerships should add a shower and a washing machine – and maybe a quiet room for a quick nap.