Aerofficient designs container aerodynamic fairings

Updated Oct 10, 2012

Studies have shown that the fuel economy boosts found when adding fairings to over-the-road trailers transfer to containers as well – boosting overall fuel economy by 5 to 8 percent in certain applications. But containers work in much harsher environments than trailers. Aerofficient said its new, highly robust, rigid and flexible trailer fairing systems are a solution for fleets hauling containers interested in capitalizing on fuel economy boosts from trailer/container aerodynamic fairings.

The new fairings feature a patent-pending design that allows them to resist damage when being loaded onto a chassis. The top of the fairing will flex and bend to absorb impact shocks and still retain aerodynamic efficiency.

“Durability and the necessity to absorb shocks and collisions with containers during the loading and unloading process were the ‘mission critical’ criteria for this design,” says Jim Reiman, chief executive officer of Aerofficient. “It is now well established that side fairings can significantly reduce fleets’ operating costs through fuel savings – but only if the fairing can survive the rigors of real-world operation.”

Reiman said the new fairings naturally shed ice and snow and weigh 97 pounds each. They are available now and offered in a variety of design configurations.