Fleets seek to address detention time

Updated Oct 22, 2012

Con-way Truckload President Saul Gonzalez says excessive detention time at shipper and receiver docks has been one of the top concerns of his drivers for some time, and starting Nov. 25, the carrier will begin applying detention pay for drivers at two hours instead of its former three. What are other fleets doing in this regard?

As a report on CCJ sister site Overdrive notes, though carriers understand detention, especially unpaid detention, is an issue, there seems to be no real consensus among fleets as to how to handle the issue. The report says that at the beginning of the year, 44 percent of surveyed carrier executives said in a Transport Capital Partners survey that detention time was something they intended to address. 

Hours of service issues complicate the matter even more, as a worsening driver shortage, Overdrive’s report says. See the full report here.