EcoDual and VFG partner on dual-fuel initiative

Updated Nov 1, 2012

EcoDual has partnered with Vision Financial Group, Inc (VFG) to provide lease-to-own financing options for fleet owners seeking to convert to natural gas operation. The EcoDual systems enable heavy duty diesel trucks to displace an average of 60-70% of their diesel fuel use with natural gas, providing a significant fuel cost savings that typically delivers payback in one year.

“This partnership with VFG enables our customers to start saving fuel costs immediately,” said EcoDual CEO and President Scott Myers. “They provide a lease-to-own financing plan that costs less than the monthly fuel cost savings that low cost natural gas delivers.”

“A VFG lease can help customers enjoy immediate cash-flow benefits from the EcoDual system,” said VFG Vice President Bill Summers. “EcoDual fuel costs savings support economic growth and provide a great opportunity for us to help accelerate the establishment of natural gas as a major transportation fuel in the US. We believe that widespread usage of natural gas in the transportation sector promotes American energy independence and is beneficial for the environment.”

For more than 20 years, Vision Financial Group has been fueling American business growth by providing the necessary capital to invest in proven technologies across a wide variety of industries to include Alternative Fuels. VFG Leasing & Finance serves a broad customer base by providing flexible financing on most types of commercial equipment and software assets.

EcoDual, LLC, is an independent provider of patent pending, dual fuel conversion systems enabling existing heavy duty diesel trucks to operate on a combination of diesel and natural gas. EcoDual is focused on delivering dual fuel conversion systems which provide the highest rate of natural gas substitution, thus delivering the greatest cost savings for truck operators. In dual fuel operation, the trucks maintain full torque and power with no loss of miles per gallon. Systems can be configured for range of more than 800 miles on CNG or LNG. Equally important, there is no “range anxiety” with EcoDual systems as they automatically run on 100% diesel if the natural gas tank ever runs out.