Meritor WABCO showcases “continuously learning” stability control system

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Updated Mar 21, 2013

Meritor WABCO says its new hydraulic anti-lock braking system with integrated ESCsmart stability control now goes a step beyond pervious stability control systems with “breakthrough” continuous learning software.

According to John Morrison, president and general manager of WABCO, the new system uses electronic control units to continuously monitor driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to establish both a baseline for normal vehicle operation and target out-of-control parameters for that specific vehicle and driver.

Morrison notes that the system benefits OEMs and fleets as well, since it an be installed and programmed on the vehicle assembly line, enabling new vehicles to be driven away immediately. The time previously required to calibrate driving procedures and physically test all variants of vehicles to account for operational differences has been eliminated, Morrison says. “This means OEMs will be able to respond more quickly and flexibly to customer needs by introducing new vehicle types in shorter development times,” he adds.