Interstate Batteries combines team-building and fund-raising

Updated May 15, 2013

Interstate Batteries President & CEO Scott Miller hasn’t been on the job very long in his new position of leading the Dallas-based battery retailer. While he has spent most of his life in the company in various roles, he has only been Interstate’s leader since May 1. But, Miller recognizes one of the foundational keys that has kept Interstate Batteries at the top of the industry is teamwork, and he made that one of his first orders of business when he became president and CEO last week.

Miller hosted the company’s annual teambuilding day, Battery Bowl, at Dallas’ Anderson Bonner Park on May 3. Personnel across the enterprise at the corporate headquarters were divided into teams competing for prize money to be donated to a local charity.

The winning team donated the $5,000 first prize to Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Team members included Charlie Brim, Steven Cornwall, Charles Daniel, Scott Egbert, Derwin King, Scott Moore, Regina Thorshov, and Emily Vogel.

“The very words we use to describe all of us here at Interstate Batteries – team members– are fitting for what we believe in strongly.” Miller said. “It is important to find ways to strengthen our communication with each other, which in turn, strengthens our corporate culture. This event is a great opportunity to do just that.”

At Battery Bowl, team members were served lunch on the park grounds followed by teambuilding games. The competition featured Hula Hoop Ring Toss, Foghorn Leghorn, and Water Balloon Volleyball!

The Interstate Batteries LINK team organizes Battery Bowl and other team building activities. This important group within the company helps bridge communication between team members and leadership. Succinctly put, LINK is the employee morale group at Interstate Batteries. Team members on LINK represent all divisions within the company and rotate off the committee after serving a two-year term.