Cross-border pilot program applicant stirs questions

Updated May 22, 2013

The Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association is questioning a Mexican carrier’s application to the cross-border trucking pilot program, while other organizations are concerned over two new applicants.

Servicio De Transporte Internacional y Local did not disclose an affiliated carrier on its application for authority and had not complied with alcohol and drug testing rules, OOIDA stated. The association commented May 13 on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s publication of STIL’s Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, which applicant carriers must clear to participant in the pilot program.

Meanwhile, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety’s Truck Safety Coalition said RAM Trucking’s application did not disclose affiliation with two other carriers. These affiliated carriers had poor Compliance, Safety, Accountability Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories scores for driver fitness and vehicle maintenance in the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System database.

Also, a current participant, Transportes Monteblanco is participating, despite having received a less than Satisfactory rating in the safety Compliance Review, the organizations added.

OOIDA, in joining the groups in a May 15 public statement, said the FMCSA’s agenda is for large economic interests and smaller trucking businesses will pay the price.