Summer trucking camp?


Ah, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer — at least I think that’s how the song goes. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my son was between school and his first summer camp, and he pretty much accomplished every goal he set out to do: sleep late, play video games and eat junk food. It was hard to argue he needed to get out and play in the yard or something like that: He’d just come off a tough stretch of weeklong tests, field trips far away from home, a long soccer season, etc. Everyone deserves down time.

Anyway, as he’s gotten older, his tastes for what constitutes a weeklong camp worthy of his attention have changed every year. I still can remember when “Star Wars Crafts” or “Harry Potter Role Play” were cool choices to him; now it’s “Rock Band” and “Comedy Improv” camps conducted by his music and arts teachers. No sports this summer: He’s saving all that energy for fall.

Now, the inevitable trucking connection. With all of the companies eager to recruit drivers the minute they become eligible, what if fleets with the resources held “Summer Trucking Camp?” Hear me out on this one: What’s cooler to a kid than getting to ride in a real big rig? Invite them to your headquarters for a few days during the summer, set up different activities that would instruct them on how trucking companies are run (without them realizing they’re learning something educational), and let them take a ride with a driver that relates well to kids and might, just might, spark their interest and leave a lasting, positive impression.

Some fleets already might do something like this. Let me know, and it’ll make a great future blog. I can pass your details along for other companies that might want to give it a try.