Climbing up the charts


It’s that time again at CCJ when we get busy sifting through tons of data on trucks, drivers and revenue to put together our annual rundown of the nation’s top 250 for-hire trucking fleets. While it’s unlikely that UPS and FedEx will relinquish their strangleholds on the No. 1 and No. 2 positions on this year’s CCJ Top 250, it’s always interesting to observe the repositioning that inevitably takes place a little further down. This year’s list will be available to all in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

One of my favorite parts of checking out the updated data each year is finding out which companies will be making their debuts or re-entries. While these newcomers aren’t likely to make their way onto the list near the top, don’t mistake these companies for small potatoes; anyone who has enough trucks, drivers and revenue to earn a spot on our list must be doing something right – especially in today’s start-and-stop economy.

CCJ has gathered this countdown in some shape, form or fashion since the 1960s, and today it’s a fairly well-known authoritative listing, even outside industry circles. Over the years, I’ve repeatedly been contacted by reporters beyond the trucking world for comments on the list or for help getting a copy of it. These days, the data is easily accessible on our website, but I’m always happy to point interested folks in the right direction.

This year, look for even more data online as we present the web version of the CCJ Top 250 in even greater detail for our on-the-go readers to access from their smart devices – or from the comfort of their office chair and desktop, if they prefer. And for those who still prefer the print edition for easy reference or as a keepsake, look for the countdown to appear in a cleaner, more streamlined format with information on how to access additional data online when needed.