New hours rule violations added to CSA system

Updated Aug 14, 2013

Two new violations have been coded into carrier profiles on the Compliance, Safety, Accountability site — — one of which reflects violations of the new hours-of-service rule that went into effect July 1.

The system now codifides violations of the 30-minute break requirement of the new hours rule with a 7-point severity weight that contributes to the Hours of SErvice Compliance Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category.

CCJ posted an update last month on how violations of the new hours rule will affect a carrier’s CSA score, noting that the break violation will not count as an out-of-service violation, but violating the restart provisions will. Click here to see that story.

The second new violation added into the CSA system is related to alcohol possession and brings a severity weight of 3 to the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC. The new codification allows roadside inspectors to distinguish between alcohol possession and use, as the use/under-the-influence violation is a 5-point weight.