Pressure Pro announces “next step TPMS system at ATA

Updated Oct 24, 2013

PressurePro says it is the next level in tire pressure monitoring sytems at the ATA Show in Orlando, FL, today. Going beyond simple pressure monitoring, Jason Zaroor, director of sales, for the company, says Pressure Pro offers fleets a full suite of features including tire temperature data, data logging, telematics and remote monitoring. “Pressure Pro offers a full arsenal of tire information beyond mere temperature data,” Zaroor says. “Our system allows fleets to not only decrease unnecessary rolling resistance, reduce unscheduled downtime and save additional money by allowing the negotiation of better insurance rates through the adoption of this technology.”

Pressure Pro sensors fit onto a tire’s valve stem and take a reading every 7 seconds. That information can be relayed to both the driver and the fleet. The sensor accurately report temperatures up to 200 degrees. Zaroor says most tire failures occur between 194 and 200 degress Fahrenheit.

Zaroor say additional Pressure Pro features include a fully automatic drop and hook system which allows any Pressure Pro equipped tractor and trailer to automatically share data with one another. Additionally, all reports are fully customizable to match fleet needs.