Alcoa Wheels says new alloy will lead to host of new products

Updated Oct 24, 2013

Alcoa has developed a new aluminum alloy that it says will soon allow for the introduction of lighter-weight truck wheels and other heavy-duty vehicle components.

Alcoa Wheels Vice President, Merrick Murphy, speaking today at the ATA Show in Orlando, FL, noted that 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of Alcoa, and the 65th anniversary of the company’s first aluminum truck wheel, launched in 1948.

Murphy noted that the develop of new and innovative alloys has been key for the company’s success — most notably the introduction of the 6061 aluminum alloy in 1968 which allowed for the development of the first one-piece aluminum truck wheel.

Murphy says today’s introduction of the new MagaForce alloy is will see a host of new products from the company appearing as early as next year. He says the MagnaForce alloy is up to 16.5% stronger than the 6061 alloy, which will, “open the door to production of the strongest, lightest wheels to increase fleet payload, improve fuel economy and enhance sustainability.”