M&M Cartage to invest $7.5 million in green initiative, CNG fleet

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Updated Nov 1, 2013

M&M Cartage plans to invest $7.5 million in building materials and capital equipment, allowing for the construction of a new Kentucky headquarters with green efficiencies to go along with the addition of new trucks powered by compressed natural gas.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky awarded M&M Cartage $800,000 in economic incentives to spur the investment.

“Not only will this center M&M Cartage as the greenest trucking company in the region, but it allows us to meet the growing demands from businesses and their consumers committed to shipping green,” said M&M CEO Don Hayden.  “We are grateful for the chance to partner with our home state to create jobs and move in this environmentally friendly direction.”

“M&M is on the leading edge of a revolution in how we as an industry power our vehicles,” said American Trucking Associations President & CEO Bill Graves. “The incentives Kentucky has offered should be looked at by other states to promote more sustainable transportation.” 

The economic incentives allow M&M Cartage to add 45 new jobs by the end of 2015.