Pros and Cons 5

Updated Feb 20, 2014

Pros and consObjection: The president referred to the goal of doubling light-vehicle fuel economy standards in the same speech that he announced the next truck effort. This is a misleading apples-to-oranges assessment, and if he thinks trucks can also be built substantially smaller and lighter and still do the same work, he needs to get out of the armored limo once and awhile.

Response: Obama’s message is political; people understand cars. Again, the trucking industry has a seat at the table. The case to be made is that trucks aren’t for fun or status – they’re business tools. The bottom line is that the cost of fuel is a comparatively small factor in a family car compared to commercial vehicle on the road for 100,000 miles a year.

Bonus Objection: Obama is Kenyan socialist usurper(Click here for the rebuttal >>)