2. The trucking industry is not the only business community opposed to tolls

A wide range of businesses and industries have expressed opposition to placing tolls on existing federal interstate capacity, ATFI says.

ATFI graphicATFI graphic

Individual companies such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, FedEx, UPS, and Volvo Group North America are fighting tolls. Industry organizations including the International Franchise Association, the National Council of Chain Restaurants, and the National Motorists Association have joined the fight as well.

They argue that shipping would become more expensive with tolls on existing federal interstate capacity and these increased costs would ultimately be passed down to the consumer.

The Federal Interstate Highway System revolutionized commerce by providing for the efficient and cost effective movement of goods and people throughout the country. Tolls act as a barrier to this movement, pushing interstate traffic to alternative routes that take longer and require more fuel, and are not designed to handle the increased traffic.


3. The policies of “Value-Added Tolling” are based on flawed assumptions >>

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