McLeod Software creates LTL module for PowerBroker

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Updated Apr 11, 2014

McLeod Software announced a new module for its flagship PowerBroker product during the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) conference in Tucson, Ariz., April 9-12. The company said the module, PowerBroker LTL, brings a complete set of LTL brokerage capabilities into the system including the ability to give shipper customers LTL rating and quotes and makes those capabilities available through a private Internet portal.

Through the portal, shippers can get a quote, place an order, and create a quote to potentially place an order later. They can also use the on-line quote system to see the costs and delivery times for multiple carriers that the broker has contracted with. When entering freight, the system will generate a BOL for consigned orders which can then be e-mailed to the customer or printed from the portal.

McLeod also said its new PowerBroker LTL module can take advantage of full integration with the SMC3 published rates via the RatewareXL interface by purchasing the Contract Management interface and the subscription services from SMC3.

The module also has features to manage contracted carrier discounts and control the markup of these rates for customers. PowerBroker’s LTL module lets users identify contract carriers by service area and the mark ups to quote for each customer. The tariff and mark up can be differentiated by location, by lane, or by class of freight for each customer with unit rate breaks by weight, volume, class, or mileage.

LTL orders can be tendered to the right LTL carrier via automated EDI. Status updates from the carrier come back via EDI and are available to the customer via the web portal. Multiple LTL orders can be consolidated as partial shipments on a single truckload order to improve margins.

McLeod also announced Logix eForms, a system that transforms paper contract processes into electronic workflows to eliminate the paper handling, manual signing, and mountains of faxes that complicate inter-company transactions like carrier rate confirmations.

Logix eForms is a standalone application that is tightly integrated with McLeod’s LoadMaster Enterprise for asset-based carriers and PowerBroker. It employs critical components of McLeod’s DocumentPower Imaging and FlowLogix electronic workflow management tools to bridge the gap between paper and human activity-based processes to electronic automated processes.