Rand McNally announces major update for product line

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TND760_In use_140313_hiresAt the National Private Truck Council’s 2014 Education Management Conference, Rand McNally announced the release of a new navigation and software update for its line of mobile fleet management devices, including the HD 100, TND 760 and TPC 7600. With the release, the devices will have access to a full map update and new navigation features, as well as supplementary Hours of Service rules to help track hours in various locations and industries.

The update has been made available over the air to existing customers and will be included on all new devices.

Specifically, the software release includes an updated road network and more than 50,000 changes that impact routing, restrictions, and clearances. The release also features additional specialty HOS rules for tracking hours – including HOS for motor coaches, for trucks traveling from the U.S. into Canada (HOS Cycle 1), and intrastate rules in three states.

Veriha Trucking, a certified Woman Business Enterprise and the transportation partner of many of the nation’s Fortune 100 companies, has been using Canadian HOS rules. However, manually tracking the differences between Canadian and U.S. Hours of Service – 70 hours of driving during seven days in Canada vs. 70 hours of driving during eight days in the U.S.; 13 hours of driving time per day in Canada vs. 11 in the U.S. – is complicated and time consuming.

“Being able to convert their available hours within Canada and the United States at the touch of a button has been a big benefit to drivers that operate regularly in both countries,” said Greg Hall, director of safety, Veriha Trucking. “Drivers can see precisely what hours are available to them in each country and develop an accurate trip plan with that information. Ultimately, an accurate trip plan results in better customer service, maximized earning potential, and the confidence of running compliant.”

The software update includes:

  • An updated road network and Rand McNally’s award-winning truck navigation.
  • A new “Compare Routes” feature, which provides drivers with a primary route and a reasonable alternate on a map for quick review. This feature allows drivers to then select their route.
  • Speed limit updates across the U.S. and Canada.
  • More than 50,000 changes that impact routing – including updates to vertical clearance and weight restrictions, number of axels permitted, and low ground clearance railroad crossings.
    • More than 2,000 updates to truck-relevant point of interest such as weigh stations, rest areas/welcome centers, and truck-friendly hotels; the update includes the addition of 157 rest areas and 77 CAT Scales.
    • The addition of Motor coach HOS rules, Canadian HOS Cycle 1 rules, and intrastate HOS rules for Florida, Texas and California.
    • Support for the California Agricultural HOS exemption.
  • Updates to state emergency contact phone numbers, and the latest information on truck trailer length information by state.