dHybrid Systems unveils lighter CNG fuel system

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Updated May 7, 2014

dHybrid Systems unveiled at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, Calif. Tuesday an advanced 145 Gallon (DGE) back of cab CNG fuel system that the company says eliminates the need for side rail fuel storage.

The dHybrid Systems Model 206, according to the company, features the best price and weight per DGE on the market. It tips the scales at a 2800 lbs. or less at empty, including mounting hardware.

The system comes with an in-cab full color touch screen, giving the driver fuel levels, true tank PSI, fault codes, distance before empty, among other information.

The 206 comes with dHybrid System’s new patent pending fueling manifold and receptacles that the company says can fill up to three-times faster than any competitor’s system, all while reducing heat during filling allowing for the best filling percentages on the market.

The system’s internal and external parts are UV powder coated and go through six steps of preparation for maximum paint life.

“We pride ourselves with the highest quality finish in the industry,” dHybrid Systems CEO Brian Pettersen says.

The 145 Gallon (DGE) Back of Cab System is engineered with aircraft aluminum technology for weight savings and strength and can be combined with additional fuel storage for 235 DGE on board for applications needing additional range.

“Model 206 brings an exciting alternative to the marketplace for long haul transportation,” Pettersen adds. “Our customers have asked for a larger back of cab fuel system and dHybrid Systems has once again led the industry with innovative technology.”