14th Mexican carrier joins FMCSA pilot program, agency investigating another for violations

mexicoUntitled-1A 14th Mexican carrier has received authority through the U.S. cross-border trucking pilot program, while the first company admitted to the program is investigated for possible violations.

The one-truck Importaciones Y Distribuciones Latina America became the fifth carrier to receive provisional operational authority through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrational program, while the other nine participants hold permanent authority.

The Advocates for Highways and Auto Safety had expressed concern that the ILDA had not fully disclosed affiliations. On May 7, the agency announced its investigation had concluded the company had not attempted to mislead officials on its application.

FMCSA said it will update its data if investigators confirm alleged violations by Transportes Olympic, the first program participant.

The five-truck company may have had an incident of cabotage, which would violate the program’s prohibition against domestic point-to-point transportation. Agency representatives also are investigating TO for a possible hours-of-service violation.

In October 2011, the FMCSA began the three-year program. Since then, it has revoked the authority of only one participant, dismissed 15 applicants and five additional carries have withdrawn applications.

On Jan. 23, the agency revoked the provisional authority of Sergio Tristan Maldonaldo, doing business as Tristan Transfer, over management control violations.

FMCSA also reported ordering trucks out-of-service for the following companies on the weeks indicated:

  • Two for Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local and one for Transportes Del Valley on the week ending June 1.
  • One truck for STIL during the week ending May 25 and the agency put a second company truck OOS for the week ending May 4.
  • One Grupo Behr ordered OOS for the week ending May 11.