Bridgestone celebrates 75 years with Peter Pan Bus Lines

pany1Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations today announced the 75th anniversary of its lease agreement with Peter Pan Bus Lines. Six years after starting Peter Pan Bus Lines, Peter C. Picknelly reached an agreement with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company to lease Firestone tires for a period of one year. Seventy-five years ago on this day, the two companies embarked on a relationship which has prevailed throughout the evolution of the two companies, guided by quality products and supreme customer service.

“The lease contracts industry is intense, competition to deliver best product, cost per mile and service is unrelenting,” said Jim Hardin, mileage sales field manager, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “A 75-year relationship is unheard of and a wonderful testament to Bridgestone’s industry-leading products, incomparable customer service and the great value our Mileage Sales Lease program delivers to customers. We are honored to hold a long-standing relationship with the Picknelly family as the sole tire supplier to Peter Pan Bus Lines.”

Under the initial contract between Harvey Firestone and Peter Picknelly, Firestone agreed to supply tires to equip three 10 passenger Chevrolet and five 19 passenger Beck buses in sizes 7.00X15 and 7.50X20 on a cost-per-mile basis. Through the years, tire sizes grew, along with bigger and heavier buses, to include the first Firestone whitewall tubeless bus tires (discontinued in the 1970’s). The original tire lease contract signed in 1939 was given to the Picknelly family by Bridgestone.

“Peter Pan coaches travel millions of miles in a year and carry 4 million passengers through the Northeast. Our customers, drivers, and employees value safety.  The 75 year business relationship with Bridgestone has assisted us in delivering safe transportation and we continue to value Bridgestone for the excellent quality in which they always deliver,” said Tom Picknally, Senior Vice President of Maintenance, Peter Pan Bus Lines.