Cummins diagnostics app available for Omnitracs platform

Omnitracs MCP50Omnitracs MCP50

Omnitracs, a provider of fleet management systems to transportation and logistics companies, and Cummins, an independent manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines, announced that the Cummins Connected Diagnostics application is now available to customers using Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platforms (MCPs).

Omnitracs is one of the first mobile fleet management technology providers in the commercial trucking industry to support the Connected Diagnostics from Cummins, which enables customers to access near-real-time engine diagnostic information for improved management of maintenance and repairs.

Connected Diagnostics leverages data from Omnitracs’ Fault Monitoring application, combined with an easy-to-understand notification report developed by Cummins, to provide near-real-time alerts for all available engine fault codes. Connected Diagnostics optimizes the features of the Fault Monitoring application and its Extended Faults add-on with immediate diagnosis and prioritization of engine system fault alerts. It delivers engine information and expert guidance to fleet maintenance and operations management within seconds, informing them of root causes.

“Today, fleets are easily inundated with an immense amount of truck information that they don’t always have the resources to interpret, which limits its usefulness,” said Richard Glasmann, vice president – OEM strategy, sales and marketing for Omnitracs.

“Connected Diagnostics can now instantly benefit Omnitracs and Cummins customers with genuine Cummins guidance in response to transmitted engine system fault data,” added John Malina, executive director – product connectivity business, Cummins.

Commercial availability of Connected Diagnostics for fleets equipped with Omnitracs MCPs will begin April 1, 2015.